A deep prayer for blessing of the house (Speak blessings over your house with this powerful prayer)

Our Merciful Lord has, through His Word, promised provision, protection, joy, and peace over our households. We acknowledge that it is His will for us to live peaceably in our dwelling places all our days.

With this confidence, we ought to open our hearts in faith towards Him promises and fulfills.

Now, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before you with a heart full of gratitude for the gift of this home. We recognize it as a sanctuary provided by your grace and love.

Standing within these walls, we speak blessings over every room and every corner. We declare a shield of protection against harm seen and unseen.

We pray over everyone who lives under the roof of this house that we may all live in joy, peace, and harmony. We pray that we may be bound with love and able to forgive one another.

Give us the wisdom and knowledge to build our home on the sure foundation of Your Word, that we may establish it in understanding and fill it with Your love, grace, and favor.

May we run this home through your guiding hand, and that You may make this house your sanctuary. We ask that Your presence will never depart from this home and that we, the inhabitants and the guests alike, will always feel it.

We also declare your blessing when going in and coming out of this home. That every step within the walls of this house is blessed.

We pray for peace and calm to reign over this home, that the wicked and unreasonable who seek to cause unrest will be so far away.

Send your angels to encamp around our house and form a shield of protection for us and our possessions. We ask the Lord that this home will know no lack.

We declare that we will always have enough food and drink. We pray that you provide us with riches not only for us but that we can be a blessing to the widow, orphan, and homeless.

We pray that by the stripes of Jesus Christ, we are healed and that disease and affliction are not our portion.

We pray all this in Jesus’ holy name.


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