Grateful prayer for parents (Thank God for your parents by praying this simple and powerful prayer)

The reason you are here today is because of the determination and sacrifice of your parents. It is because of God’s blessings that have enabled them to reach this far with you.

Take this time and thank God for giving you such lovely parents.

Let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You to thank You for giving me such dearest parents who love and care for me. I pray that You continue to fortify their hearts with faith to continue directing me to the right pathway of life.

Open their hearts so that they continue teaching me Your ways, dear master. Every time I appreciate the kind of parents that You have given me.

Forgive me Father every time I make my parents sad. I take this time O Lord to pray that You continue giving and blessing my parents with good health in this life and the next life.

Help me God to honor my parents for You said that my days will be prolonged. Instill in me Your ways Jehovah so that I may listen to my father and mother and not despise them.

Be with my parents until their old age because I know that You cannot leave them alone as others will be doing so my Lord. Bless their sleeping and waking hours so that they may rise every day to bless and glorify Your name.

Dear God, guide me in the right direction to obey my parents because it is right according to Your teachings. Let me accept every time I am disciplined by my parents because I know that they love me.

I know Father that it is You that have sent them because You said that whoever spares the rod will only spoil his son.

I pray dear God that You provide my parents peace and comfort because You are the Prince of peace. I know that my parents may encounter problems and challenges in this life it is You Lord that will grant them unending peace.

Father, grant my parents the strength to continue living together until their old age. Destroy any evil intervention that may come on their way to prevent them from actualizing their dreams of living together till death do them part.

Praise and thanks to You God for giving me such wonderful parents.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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