A deep prayer for breaking of curses (Break generational curses with this powerful and deep prayer)

Things don’t go your way because someone or some people placed a curse on you, because they closed the doors that would bring fulfillment to your life.

You are down, and broken because of spoken words transferred against you down the lane. Hold your face up and choose this day to reverse whatever curse and all curses that withhold your success.

Cast your burdens to God and let Him change your situation.

Let us pray.

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Almighty God,

There’s no situation You cannot handle. There’s nothing impossible for You to do, and because of that, I come to You to break every generational curse upon my life.

I come to You to have every witchcraft, black magic, evil spell, and a curse that glorifies itself in my life crashed. I ask that you make them powerless over my life and flush them from my life.

I employ and apply the blood of Jesus over every area of my life that is held hostage by curses spoken, written, and transferred to me.

Father, break this yoke of curses over my life just like You broke the yoke of slavery over Israelites so that I can hold my head high. Cast down these curses that exalt themselves against Your knowledge.

O Lord, I am tired of suffering. Come to my rescue and redeem me from the curses that make me labor for nothing, that make my life miserable and average.

Lord, exchange these curses for blessings. Exchange this miserably for joy and gladness. I condemn all curses against me just as You gave us the power to condemn every tongue that rises against us in judgment.

And I declare this weapon of curses over my life buried today, and it shall not arise a second time over my life and the lives of my descendants.

That what was meant for evil changes for my good.

Father, let me be a sign to others that You can solve everything; You can reverse every supernatural thing made against Your people.

I mount up with eagles like an eagle. I am free from every generational curse. I pray all this in the mighty name of Jesus.


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