A rejuvenating prayer for new beginnings (Put God first at every new beginning to achieve success)

New beginnings bring a fresh start, and a hope that new goals can be set and achieved. Before we start the prayer, let us acknowledge how God gives chances and has good plans for your beginning.

Always be thankful because God gives everything that is good in your life.

Now, believe in your hearts, and let us pray,

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Dear God,

I present my new beginning to you today and am grateful for all the chances you have given me in the past. I thank you for your undying love in all the ventures that I have engaged in before.

Your presence is enough to provide me with the strength and courage I need to set out on this new beginning. I let go of all the challenges I have experienced in my past and sanctify my heart to be ready for the present.

I pray for all the decisions I will make for the new beginning. I welcome you into taking control of my decisions so that they lead me to success.

I will not lean on my understanding but instead trust in the confidence that you will guide me towards the right path and making good decisions.

I trust in your ways and beseech your glory in this new path. I pray that you hold my hand so that I do not fall.

I pray for peace of mind and heart as I embark on my new beginnings, and I lay all my worries in your warm embrace. I believe in your promise that you are my provider and all my needs will be provided as long as I put my steadfast faith in you.

I pray that you may help me walk into this new beginning without worry that will create self-doubt and affect my success. I know the unwavering peace you provide will guide me through the new beginning, and I am grateful for your presence in my life.

I pray that you may shine your light on my path and become my solid rock when I experience obstacles. I believe you will hold my hand and guide me towards the purpose and fulfillment you intended.

I trust in your guidance because you will grant me abundant blessings and prosperity in this journey.

In Jesus name,


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