An inspiring prayer for difficult times (Get through difficult times with this touching prayer)

Before we begin this prayer, remember that even in these times of hardship and struggle, God has the best plan and purpose for your life.

He who was able to calm the storm and raise the dead is able to handle your difficulty. With faith and gratitude in your heart, trust in God’s ability to see you through.

Now, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

In these difficult times, I still rejoice in the knowledge that you, my Father, have promised not to allow me to get tempted beyond what I can endure.

Amid my struggles, I am grateful for the assurance that nothing is impossible with you and that you will always provide a way out for me.

Though it may seem as if everything is falling apart, I believe you are making everything work together for my good and for own your glory.

As I pass through these tribulations, I remember many believers who trusted in you even when faced with hardships.

Almighty Father, I choose to believe and trust in you, knowing that my current tribulations are all part of your divine plan to prepare me for the great plans you have for me in the future.

I know that you will never forsake me or allow me to be put to shame.

Loving Father, your holy word declares that when I am in trouble, I should call upon your name, and you will answer me and deliver me from my afflictions.

You assured that if I patiently endure these difficult times without losing my faith in you, you will rescue me and bless me for my faithfulness in your word. I humbly plead with you, Almighty Father, to hear my prayers and deliver me from my troubles.

Dear Lord, sometimes it’s hard for me to see the wonderful plans you have for my life. But I know that you have the best intentions for me. You will go before me to open closed doors and level all mountains that stand in my way.

You sent your Son, Jesus Christ, to overcome the challenges of this world so that I also may overcome and have peace. From this moment on, I declare that I have overcome all my problems, and my happiness is fully restored. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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