A tender prayer for good luck (Unlock your good luck with this powerful prayer)

Whispering a prayer to God as you start your day can work miracles. Ask Him to take the lead and guide you throughout your day because He is the giver of all the good things.

His word encourages us that anything we ask in prayer if we have faith, we shall receive.

Dedicate your heart to Him as you ask for good luck, and let us pray.

Lord Jesus Christ,

I am grateful for the gift of life. You have done so much in my life that I cannot tell it all. There is no better way to thank You than to have a heart full of gratitude. I surrender all my fears, anxieties, and worries unto you.

I entirely depend on your care because, without your presence, I am nothing. Thank you for this beautiful day. I invite you to walk with me throughout the day.

Dear Father, take the lead as I follow because I trust in you alone. Guide me and help me make the right decisions in my life.

Let everything I touch with my hands be multiplied, for I acknowledge that good fortune and luck are all in your hands. I humbly pray that your unending grace and mercies be upon me all along.

Dear lord, turn your face unto me and grant me peace. Allow me to surrender the habit of being worried all the time and doubtful. Enable me to overcome negative thoughts in my head.

Strengthen my trust in you, and do not allow me to depend on my own understanding but always submit to you, for you will straighten my paths.

Life offers different uneven steps. Dear lord, enable me to walk along these paths with confidence and courage, for I delight in you.

As I chase my dreams, may I find happiness in the process of fulfilling them. Help me use my skills and talents for your glory and add value to the world.

Lead me to divine connections and appointments that can bring bountiful opportunities and favor. Connect me with people who are encouraging, supportive, and who can uplift me in my journey.

In Jesus’ Name, I believe.


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