A purposeful prayer for intercession (The most vital intercessory prayer when you need to pray for others)


As we gather here in reflection and intercession, let us pause to connect with our Lord Jesus Christ. At this moment, let us open our hearts to His divine presence that always sustains us and surrounds us to let our thoughts and intentions be known to Him.

Now, let’s bow for prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before you this beautiful day in awe of your faithfulness and glory this far, thanking you for the day, blessing us with all that we have, for waking us up this morning, for giving us the strength to face our challenges and for giving us health and peace in abundance.

All praise, glory, and honor are unto you. As written in the Holy Book, when two on earth agree about anything, it will be done for them, and you are there with them; we thank you for being among us today and listening to our plea.

Oh, Lord God Almighty and way maker, we come on behalf of everyone who needs your intervention: the sick, those seeking justice, those who need guidance, protection, forgiveness, reconciliation, prosperity, peace, or any other adversaries that act against your people.

Wrap them in your warm embrace of comfort, give them strength to face all their adversaries, and send and connect them with relevant destiny helpers who will provide solutions to their needs.

May you make way for them and pour into their cup of the market until it overflows. You are our refuge, comfort, and source of strength and purpose in our time of need.

Father, in all your graciousness and favor that You have bestowed upon all of us, continue to shower us with all your goodness and mercy that You have promised in Your word; that You know the plans You have for us, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give us a future and hope.

Lord, we pray that the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts, filling us with wisdom to make wise decisions that please you, knowledge, faith in your power and promises, peace, kindness, patience, and love for ourselves and one another.

In Jesus’ name, we pray and believe.


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