An Uplifting Prayer for Meeting (Start Your Meeting with This Powerful Prayer)

Take this moment to seek God’s divine guidance, wisdom, and breakthrough before you begin your meeting. Say this prayer to usher in the Holy Spirit and open doors of divine presence, guidance, and wisdom throughout the meeting.

Let the Lord take charge and illuminate your path as you navigate the meeting.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you, God, for this day that you have gathered us here with one agenda. I thank you, Lord, for allocating time for us to congregate to share our opinions and work towards a common goal.

I dedicate this meeting to you, asking that you begin the meeting with us and carry us on to the very end. Your word says that wherever two or more are gathered in your name, your presence will always be with them.

As we begin this meeting, we call unto your Holy Spirit to walk with us and guide our thoughts toward our common agenda. We pray for calmness and union of thoughts and minds so that we can achieve our agenda.

Help us to remain focused on the agendas and open our minds to contribute positively to the meeting. We ask for your presence to walk with us, just as your servant Moses asked you to walk with the children of Israel.

We ask for insightful ideas to contribute to the matter at hand to come up with meaningful solutions. Help us to be open-minded to welcome new ideas to have a better understanding of each one’s point of view.

We ask for a smooth experience throughout the meeting till the end. We stand against any plans of the devil that may disrupt this event and prevent us from achieving our goals.

We cannot forget our leaders, the committee members whom you have given us to lead. We pray that you bless them with more wisdom and insight to deliver on the task they have been entrusted with.

Help them to be faithful stewards in their tasks and to have discernment in their decision-making. As we come to the closure of the meeting, remind our hearts to thank you and glorify you.

We pray that you help us to fulfil the resolutions from this meeting through action. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness to us.

In the name of our Lord Christ Jesus, we pray.


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