A tranquil prayer for the healing of a friend (Urgent prayer to heal your sick friend)

Illnesses have a way of weighing us down and making us feel helpless. However, God reminds us that he is a God that heals us.

So, if you have a sick friend that you are worried about, the best thing you can do is pray for their healing. All you need to do is believe that they will receive their healing.

Now, let us pray.

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My God,

Today, I come before you on behalf of my friend, who has been sick for a while now. Though I have seen them suffer greatly, I have hope that you will heal them just like you have healed many through your son Jesus Christ.

I dedicate my ailing friend into your able hands because you say in your word that when we call out to you, you will heal and rescue us from death.

I have read many miraculous stories in the Bible, and I believe that there is no illness that you cannot heal. You say that if we pray in faith, you will heal the sick and make them well.

That is why I pray that your love and peace surround the body of my sick friend and renew them. Give them back their health and heal their wounds.

Lord, bless the work of the physicians who have been looking after them and enabling them to provide my friend with the best treatment.

Father, my sick friend not only needs healing of the body but also the spirit and mind. As they await healing and face uncertainties in life, calm all their doubts and fears with the word of your promise that nothing can separate us from your love, which is revealed through Jesus Christ.

Remove all the sadness that they have and turn their mourning into joyful dancing. Restore their health and keep them strong in spirit.

Lord, I have peace in knowing that you are the fountain of our lives, and I pray for your life-giving water to pour down upon my ailing friend.

Build them up again, and let them get back on their feet to continue serving you. And when this happens, remind me to come back and praise your holy name.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.


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