A Strengthening Prayer for Unity (Pray for Unity With Candid Prayer

Before we begin this prayer, take a moment and reflect on your actions toward others and the society at large. Ask yourself whether your deeds or lack of have brought people together or have driven a wedge among them.

For the world to remain peaceful, we must all come together, and each of us should be their brother’s keeper.

Ask God to strengthen your spirit of unity, and let us pray.

Almighty Father,

I come before You this day to implore You to keep my family together. Lord, although everyone has their wishes, let the wishes of my family members not bring divisions within us.

Help each of us to spare a caring thought for the others, and not to let our actions result to the detriment of anyone in the family.

God, the world out there is uncaring and unjust, and only the warmth of family can help us deal with our daily trials and struggles.

For this, I pray that You always keep my family united and not let us fight against each other.

God Almighty, I pray for unity in my workplace. We are all from diverse backgrounds, and we may not always understand each other. But Lord, let not our diversity lead to hatred and jealousy.

Let not our differences of opinions lead to misunderstandings. Lord, keep us united in pursuit of the same goals, for we will accomplish a lot at work when we are together than when we are divided.

God, help us be mindful of our workmates and that we may not cause harm to others as we seek our accomplishments.

Lord, I will not forget to pray for unity in our country. Our country is going through many challenges, but we can overcome anything only if we stay united.

God, do not let us be divided by the colors of our skin, but keep us mindful of each other. Guide our leaders to show us the right way, and to unite us towards a common goal, making our country great and peaceful for everyone to live in.

Father, I will also pray for unity and peace in the world. Help those with differences to settle them in amicable ways.

Lord, teach those in authority that wars will not achieve anything meaningful but only cause endless suffering for those affected.

God, help us embrace each other, so that we may all rejoice in love and prosperity. I pray this in Jesus’ name,


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