Baptism vs. Christening: How are they different?

Baptism vs. Christening

Having been in the ministry for over 15 years, I am familiar with the different ceremonies performed by different Christian denominations. I have experienced some of them, like being dedicated to God and being baptized as I was born in a Christian family, and later chose the Christian faith for myself. However, it was not … Read more

Cathedral vs. Church: What is the main difference?

Cathedral vs. Church

Last week, as pastor of my Church, I mentored a small group of youths interested in the Church’s leadership. They were interested in different topics that pertained to leadership in the Church. Among the most intriguing questions asked was if there was a difference between a Cathedral and a Church. Most of them were curious … Read more

Holy Ghost VS Holy Spirit: What Is the Main Difference?

Holy Ghost VS Holy Spirit

As one of the church’s spiritual leaders, I am responsible for spearheading Bible study meetings. During our last meeting, we focused on an excerpt from Matthew 1:18, where we read about Mary conceiving by the Holy Spirit. One of the members wished to know whether there was a difference between the Holy Spirit and the … Read more

The Old Testament vs. Tanakh: Are they the same?

The Old Testament vs. Tanakh

Being brought up in a family of believers and attending a Christian school, the Bible was a major part of the teachings and morals instilled in me. Growing up, I learned that the Bible is split into the Old and New Testaments. Recently, during our weekly Bible study, I learned that there is a Hebrew … Read more

Apostolic vs. Catholic Church: How are they different?

Apostolic vs. Catholic Church

At the outset of my spiritual journey, I encountered difficulty distinguishing between the Apostolic and Catholic Church. In a recent Bible study session, while engaging in a discussion on this topic, I discovered that many fellow believers also grapple with comprehending the nuances of the Apostolic and Catholic Church. As a result, I decided to … Read more

Catholic vs. protestant Bibles: Are they the same?

Catholic vs. protestant Bibles

As a Christian who has worked in the ministry for over 15 years, I love interacting and learning more about how different Christian denominations carry out their faith. Recently, I sat down with a friend from the Catholic Church as we discussed the impact of the word of God in our lives. While at it, … Read more

Torah Vs. Bible: What is the main difference?

Torah Vs. Bible

An interesting concern was raised by some members of my congregation who wondered if the Torah and the Bible could be used interchangeably. As a pastor, I had to illustrate the demarcation between the two books from a theologian’s perspective. For this reason, I felt the need to share my insights and understanding with you … Read more

Fairy vs. Angels: How do they differ?

Fairy vs. Angels

I realized that people draw a thin line between fairies and angels as it pertains to the existence of the two supernatural beings and their connection with humanity. However, as a pastor, I must enlighten my congregation regarding the distinction between the two entities from a theologian’s perspective. For this reason, I felt the need … Read more

Ishmaelites vs. Midianites: How are they different?


In my recent Bible study session, I realized that, like many other believers, I had often confused the Ishmaelites with the Midianites. However, I brought up this question to my fellow group members, and we collectively decided to conduct thorough research and delve deeper into the topic. It was such an eye-opener as many members … Read more