A Deep Prayer for A Test (Say This Prayer Before Your Exams To Pass With Flying Colours)

If you are about to do an examination, say this prayer before you begin the test to seek God’s guidance throughout the test and to elevate your confidence.

Stay calm and believe that you are going to pass.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you, my Lord, for the opportunity you gave me to access education and for how far you have brought me in my academic life. All through, you have been faithful and merciful.

You have been with me through my studies and times of trial and I have witnessed your goodness in my life. Today I am faced with one more test in this journey.

Thank you for the time you gave to prepare for this test. Thank you for the teachers and my colleagues who have helped me in my revision time.

Just like you have always held my hand before, I call upon you to walk with me into the examination room. I call upon you to shower me with calmness and confidence as I write my examination.

Help me to remember everything that I have studied and give me the right words to express myself clearly in writing. I pray for understanding, wisdom and focus on the task before me.

Lord, I do not want to lean on my understanding, but my trust is in you, lest I fall. Thank you, Lord, for this test as it reminds me of your trial in the desert.

Help me appreciate this test as an opportunity to grow my skills and test my understanding of the subject. And just as you overcame temptation and emerged a victor, help me to grow through it and appreciate such tests.

Remind me that it is not the end of trials and that I need to appreciate tests in future. Remind me to learn from my mistakes and to not be discouraged by any shortcomings I may face.

Keep my mind focused, sharp and calm till the end of the examination. As I look forward to going to my next level of study, keep my mind focused on improving myself and embracing new challenges, just as you grew in wisdom here on earth.

Thank you for your faithfulness and mercy over my life. I thank you because I believe that you are going to answer my prayer.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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