A deep prayer for God’s favour (Find God’s favour with this soulful prayer)

Before we begin this prayer, take a moment to think about all the instances when God accorded you His favor, even when you didn’t deserve it.

Remember that every breakthrough in your life is because of God’s divine favor. With a grateful heart, humble yourself before God, and let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you today for granting me the greatest gift of all – the gift of life. I humbly recognize that I am no better than those who did not have the privilege to see another day.

It is only through your gracious mercy and favor that I am alive. As I begin this day, I humbly request your divine favor to guide me in all my actions, Almighty God.

I pray for perfect health and that all organs in my body will submit to your word and work together in perfect harmony. Gracious God, I pray that I will not walk in my wisdom.

In your favor, may you establish the work of my hands, and may my endeavors be fruitful.

As I walk out, Lord, please guide my steps along your holy path. Guide me to avoid the snares set by my enemies. May everything I do today be fruitful, like a tree planted by the riverside that never withers and continuously bears fruit.

May I find favor before your eyes, oh Lord, even in the presence of those who wish to see my downfall. May I find refuge under your trusted wings from the arrows aimed at me and the pestilence that stalks in the dark of night.

Though I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I pray that you, Lord, will command your angels to direct my steps so that I will not stumble or fall.

By your grace, may I confidently pass by lions and tread upon snakes without fear or harm.

Lord, please do not pass me by when you show favor to your people. Shine your light upon me that I may find favor among kings, like many of your faithful servants who found favor even in adversity.

Let every word that comes from my mouth be a source of blessing that opens doors in my life and the lives of others. May everyone I interact with be a destiny connector to the divine purpose and future you promised in your scriptures.

Surround me with wise counsel, O Lord, that I may grow in your wisdom. As you have promised, when I call out to you, answer me.

May every word of your promise be fulfilled in my life and not return without accomplishing its purpose.

May your name be glorified in everything I do, and grant me the peace and serenity of dwelling in your presence always.

I pray in Jesus’ name.


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