A rejuvenating prayer for mental health (Say this prayer to help improve your mental health)

As you say this prayer, open your heart and mind to receiving God’s saving grace for your mental health. Have faith that God will improve mental health and restore all you feel is lost.

Now, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of life. I do not take for granted that you woke me up this morning. Father, I want to experience your hand in my life and receive what you wish.

Despite going through mental health challenges, my faith in you is unwavering. I believe in due time, you will restore and improve my mental health.

Let me feel your loving embrace when everything seems not to go my way. Lord, even when I feel low, show me compassion and love.

I condemn all the plans of the devil to destroy me. Clear my doubts and fears and build my confidence. When anxiety attacks me, you fight it and reassure my faith.

Heal parts of my heart that are bruised and damaged.

In situations that provoke my spirit, let me react with calmness. Remind me that you will always be by my side whenever I feel lonely, and let me feel your presence.

Make my vision more straightforward so I can see beyond my current situation and have faith in better days.

Lord, when I am low, restore my strength. I pray that I can love myself even when I feel undeserving. Grow my desire to appreciate my abilities, skills, flaws, and strengths.

Whenever I feel alone, please help me reach out to a close friend or family who can support me and remind me that not all is lost.

Sometimes, I feel weak and unable to do even simple things like getting out of bed or having a meal. But even in this situation, Lord, you held my hand through it.

Send the Holy Spirit to always watch over me and give me the courage to handle any circumstance. Let me not stress over things that are beyond my control.

I know you control what we see and cannot see, and I place my faith in your ability to carry me through difficult moments and bring me back to peace. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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