A heartfelt prayer for the loss of a mother (Pray this soulful prayer when you feel the pain of losing a mother)

Before we begin this prayer, let us acknowledge the pain experienced when dealing with the loss of a loved one. A mother is a huge part of our lives, and losing them causes so much pain, and it is hard to accept their absence forever.

God is our comforter during this hard time, and we seek comfort.

Now, let us pray.

My God and My refuge,

Dear God, I come to you today with a broken and heavy heart filled with sorrow. I am turning to you because I know that you will grant me the comfort, solace and strength that I need as I mourn the death of my mother.

My heart is filled with heaviness because I do not know how my life is supposed to move on, but I believe in your divine presence; I will live past the grief.

I bring to you my tears, especially now that I am stuck in the darkness of grief, which I fail to understand. I have lost my mother, who gave me life, nurtured me and always gave me her undying support while I was growing up.

My heart is shattered into pieces, and I pray that you may shine your divine light in my life during this moment.

I pray that you may give me your divine courage so that I can live even with the intense emptiness and sadness I feel in my heart.

I pray that I may accept life without her physical presence but live with the beautiful memories I shared with her. I thank you for the time you gave me with my mother and all her efforts to ensure that I have a good life.

I trust in your promise for an everlasting life and pray that my mother has found peace and happiness in your glory. As I mourn her death, I pray for my faith to remain steadfast in you and that your warm embrace will give me hope for a better tomorrow.

I also pray for my family and friends who share in my sorrow for losing someone who was a huge influence in their lives. I pray that you may ease their pain and that they may believe in your grace during this difficult period.

I am comforted by your presence, and I know I will pass through this grief with much faith and hope.

In Jesus name, I pray,


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