A compassionate prayer for our country (Pray for the country’s prosperity with this deep prayer)

As you say this prayer for your country, invite the Holy Spirit into your heart to be with you as you sincerely have this intercession. Have faith that God will answer your prayer; therefore, say it sincerely and intentionally.

Now, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of life and all the beauty within your creations. I do not take for granted that I live in a beautiful country.

I take pride in my country’s majestic and scenic landscape.

Merciful Father, forgive us, for we have gone against your commands and teachings and sinned. Bring us back to your ways so that we can find true prosperity.

Please help us to be a prayerful and Godfearing nation, for with these virtues, prosperity is undeniably ours. Also, remember our leaders that they, too, have a good relationship with you Lord, so they can lead us to prosperity.

Help our leaders unite and lead together, for a country without peace, unity will not be prosperous. Let them put their personal agendas and pride aside for the benefit of its people.

I pray that you give our leaders wisdom, discernment, and empathy so they can lead our country with the right mindset.

Just as you selected David to be the king of Israel, Lord, choose and give our earthly king anointing.

Father, please guide our country’s direction. I know you have good plans for our country and will lead us to a better destination. We are a Godfearing nation, and I know you will protect us from danger and harm’s way.

Lord, I pray against the spirit of sickness in this country. Any plans of the devil to spread illnesses or pandemics shall not come to pass.

I condemn the spirit of accidents, deaths, or natural disasters in our nation.

Please, Lord, multiply our produce, watch over our fields, and bless us with rain so that our crops will grow and we will not lack food.

Bless our learning institutions so that they may pass down knowledge that will shape learners and positively impact our country even in the future.

Bring us happiness, peace, and prosperity, in Jesus’ name, I pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer

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