An Uplifting Prayer for Wednesday (The sample powerful midweek prayer to give you strength for the week)

Before we start today’s prayer, reflect on God’s faithfulness during the week. His protection, provision, and his unfailing love for you.

May this build your confidence in God and feed your faith as we approach him in prayer, and let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for waking me up and allowing me to see this day. Thank you for the experience of your faithfulness. Thank you for your integrity, you have not left me nor have you forsaken me.

I am grateful for the opportunities on this day and the remaining part of the week. I build my faith upon you because you are a firm foundation.

Everything you say is true and you are not a man who should lie or change your mind. As my Wednesday begins I find joy in knowing this is a day that you have made and I believe your plans for me are good.

God your presence fills me with courage because I am certain you will not depart or forsake me. I pray that you make firm my steps because I take delight in you.

I won’t fear when I stumble because I know I will not fall, for you hold me with your hand. I build my confidence in you knowing nothing is too big for you.

I surrender my plans for the day to you, believing in your word that everything committed to you will succeed.

I ask you to meet my needs for today from your riches in glory. May you use me to meet the needs of others, and to be a source of hope to those that are discouraged.

May I become a lamp placed on the stand giving light to everyone I meet today.

Dear God may you grant me wisdom to make the right decisions and deal with things that might look tough. Help me to depend upon you in all things and to trust not in my understanding.

I pray for my talents and gifts may I use them to serve and give glory to your name. May my talents multiply and produce more so I may qualified to be a good and faithful servant.

I pray to be blessed by you, lord make your face shine upon me and be gracious toward me. And give me the grace to live by faith. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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