Inspiring prayer for Monday (Say this prayer to start your week with God)

Starting a new week on a Monday has been a sign of excitement to many. Humble yourself and speak to the Lord to Make Monday the most fruitful day before you start your week ahead.

Now let us pray.

Dear Almighty God,

I thank you for guiding my life throughout this journey until this Monday. I thank you for giving me good health and encouragement until today dear Lord.

Enlighten me and show me the way to deepen my walk with you. I dedicate this Monday to you the almighty Father because you are the highest.

Lord Jesus Christ, shine your light on the right pathway so that I can follow. Shine this day with abundant blessings so that my tears and sweat may not be in vain.

I pray dear God that let your authority destroy the serpent and backwardness from letting me be successful on this day. I pray that let your holy spirit guide and direct me toward the right path throughout this Monday so that I may not derail from you and no evil can befall me.

Let the holy spirit protect my family, colleagues, and friends and guide them through the right pathway to share love and praise your name.

Let this Monday be safe and have no challenges that may cause problems for me and my family. Dear God, let the activities that I have planned for this Monday be executed without fail for I know that without your final say, I cannot achieve anything.

May your presence lift me and encourage me to start this day with a lot of patience, dedication, and strength.

You remind me of your care and love. As I start on this day Monday, let there be a presence of your mercy and love in abundance. Let the entire time of this Monday be bright and full of joy for you are the creator.

I pray that you grant me a good vision on this day to always get my daily bread. I pray that you shield all the traps that my enemies have set up for me this.

As I begin to start this week on a Monday, let me thank you for what you have planned for me for I know it is great. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer

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