Meanings of Red color aura (meaning and personality)

Meanings of Red color aura

As a Christian and a theologian, I have conducted numerous studies on various religious and cultural beliefs. My study on meanings and personalities of red color aura was among my most interesting ones because it revealed how beliefs connect it to emotions, personality traits, and overall spiritual or energetic state. I first encountered these beliefs … Read more

Meanings Of Green Color Aura (Meaning And Personality)

Meanings Of Green Color Aura

At theology school, I developed a keen interest in Christian Anthropology. I was particularly drawn to different human disciplines and beliefs, as well as parapsychology, as I wanted to understand auras and what different color auras meant to different people. During my research, I interacted with several experts in parapsychology and mysticism and pored through … Read more

Meanings of wet dreams (Spiritual Meanings)

Meanings of wet dreams

As a theologian, I take an interest in the cultural beliefs surrounding dreams. I was especially intrigued by this topic after hearing someone say that wet dreams result from a spiritual attack. This made me curious since I always thought that wet dreams are normal, so I decided to conduct more research. I first read … Read more