Merciful prayer for 3 O’clock (Unlock your divine Mercy with this powerful prayer)

Our God is full of compassion and love, and He assures us that when we confess and forsake our transgressions, He will show us mercy.

As we reflect on our transgressions and iniquities, may we open our hearts and humble ourselves before Him, for he knows us more than we know ourselves.

Let us pray.

Our Mighty and Everlasting Father,

I come before your presence today. Thank You for the guidance and protection You have granted me from morning to this hour.

You are a God of forgiveness and compassion, and I commit myself upon thy hands, my redeemer. You have said in Your Holy Book that You will never forsake us, and Your love endures forever.

I come before Your presence as a humble servant born of sin in a sinful world. I have fallen short of glory in many ways, oh Lord, and I fall before Your presence seeking redemption.

I humbly come before You like Your servant David. I lay down all my earthly possessions and commit myself unto You, praying that You may have compassion on me.

I’m heavily burdened with desires and addictions of this world, and my ways are leading me astray. My redeemer, I pray that you may have mercy upon me loving Father.

For You have told us in Your Holy Book that You keep a covenant of mercy up to the thousandth generation. How good it is to have a caring Father that we can run to in our time of need.

Like the thief at the cross who begged for salvation at his last hour, I bow before Your presence this day, Father. I don’t have to wait until my final hours to enjoy your everlasting love and compassion.

The way You had mercy on Bartimaeus the blind man, Lord, I pray that you would have mercy on me.

I am a sinner oh Lord, in my actions and my thoughts, unworthy to stand before your presence, and though my sins may be as red as blood, I have been assured, by Your Word, that You will cleanse me and make my heart white as snow, oh what a blessing it would be to receive Your mercy oh Lord.

I thank You for Your love, forgiveness, and compassion, and I lay all my burdens unto your able hands.

In Jesus’ name I pray and believe.


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