Recovery prayer for lost things to St. Anthony (St. Anthony novena prayer to recover lost items)

You might have lost something that you valued so much, and you want it back. You can recover it if you believe and pray to St. Anthony because He is the Patron saint of lost items.

So, open your heart, have faith, and let us pray.

Dear St. Anthony,

You have received favor from God and the honor of Jesus Christ to be our advocate. You have helped many recover their lost items and have not failed them.

You are powerful in advocacy, and God has blessed you so that when we call for your help, we receive it. I come to you with a humble heart to ask you to help me find my (please mention the lost item).

It was so precious to me because I acquired it with so much struggle. I don’t know who took it, but I believe you know who did it and where they kept it.

Restore to me also joy which I have lost because of the distress I have been going through. Let the Spirit of God be within me so I may find joy in Him.

I am bold that you will help me because both things of the Spirit and material things are known to you, and you can help to restore them.

I also ask that you restore to me the opportunities that have been diverted from me by my enemies. The things that God destined me to have but have been taken away from me.

Above this request, I ask this one also, that you may give me back the peace and calmness of mind that I have lost and has caused me more pain than the material items.

Do not let me lose God, who’s my greatest treasure and who’s more precious than my material possession, so that I may not miss the greatest treasure of eternal life.

I entrust all I have lost to you in faith that God will give them back to me if it is His will.

St. Anthony, our helper in all needs, pray for us.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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