Inspiring prayer for hope (Say this simple prayer to restore your hope)

In times of despair and a need to restore God’s hope in us, we refer to the scripture in Psalms 9:18, stating that the Almighty will never forget the needy nor let the hope of the afflicted ever perish: “But God will never forget the needy;  the hope of the afflicted will never perish.”

As we present our souls and bodies unto him, we allow our inner selves to be filled with hope and our purpose restored. I wish we make this prayer a turning point from hopelessness to an ambitious life.

Now, let us pray.

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Dear God,

I exalt your name for the gift of life as it’s my daily reminder to keep hoping in you. Thank you for your comforting words, promising the afflicted their hope will never perish.

I’m confident you are and will always be my strength and fortress, regardless of the ambiguity of my life challenges.

I’m sure of your strength, power, and heavenly intervention during my lowest as your word affirms that whatever I ask for in prayer and believe that I have received, then it will be mine.

Your scripture promises that no one hoping in you will ever be put to shame, but shame befalls the treacherous ones without cause.

I believe you will enlighten me of all evil plans of my transgressors schemed against me without cause. I call for heavenly protection against forces of evil designed to deprive me of your hope.

Be there for my rescue, even when my oppressors are sure of victory over me, as there is always hope for a cut-down tree to re-sprout at the scent of water.

Adonai, I pray for your sacred companion that he may teach me to keep hoping in you every moment of my life. Send the Holy Spirit to teach me all I need to learn concerning hope, as you know me better than I do.

Let the Holy Ghost advocate for me whenever I drift out of your ways of hope and faith as you promised.

Do not tire of my hopelessness, but keep reminding me that you are God, the Lord of my forefathers, and a friend to all those who hoped in you.

Remind me of your kingdom, which I’ll inherit after triumphing over all the challenges of this world. I trust in you for your unconditional compassion for me.

In Jesus’ name, I Pray and believe.


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