Is Spongebob evil? (is Spongebob demonic?)

One of my favorite cartoons I looked forward to growing up was Spongebob. Now that I have young kids who love this show, I have become more interested in learning about what it represents. I researched online and came across some viewers who speculated that Spongebob is evil. This made me more curious since I … Read more

Is Baal evil? (What does the Bible say about Baal?)

Is Baal evil?

I have always been interested in the Story of Israel as a nation of God. God loved the Israelites so much that even after they decided to rebel against Him, He always forgave them and gave them another chance. Not long ago, I watched a Christian film that suggested Israelites practiced evil deeds, especially when … Read more

Is Mickey Mouse evil? (The truth about Mickey Mouse)

Is Mickey Mouse evil?

As a parent, I am usually hands-on with my children, and I keep a keen watch on what they choose to subscribe to, especially in today’s pop culture. When I initially noticed they were becoming huge Mickey Mouse fans and kept asking to go to Disneyland, I took a special interest in Disney and wanted … Read more

Is dungeons and dragons evil? (is dungeons and dragons demonic?)

Is dungeons and dragons evil?

As a theologian, my deep commitment to understanding theology and culture has often sparked insightful conversations with my children. One evening, I noticed my teenager was unusually quiet. He explained that he was sad because his school had banned his favourite game, Dungeons and Dragons. This topic fueled my desire to understand the game and … Read more

Are cats evil? (Reasons why people think cats are evil)

Are cats evil?

Since theology school, I have been interested in various cultural and religious beliefs about different animals. I was mostly fascinated by the common belief that cats are symbols of darkness. A few weeks ago, a friend recommended that I read Pet Sematary by Stephen King, and it reminded me of several other books I had … Read more

Are waist beads evil? (Is it a sin to wear waist beads?)

Are waist beads evil?

As a theologian, I have always been fascinated by different attires in different cultures. Not long ago, I visited Nigeria and noted that most women wore waist beads. However, I learned that some people, including some women, did not like the idea of waist wearing waist beads because they believed they were evil. This made … Read more

Are Kitsune Evil? (The Truth About Kitsune)

Are Kitsune Evil?

I first heard about Kitsunes five years ago from a popular TV show. It depicted Kitsunes as protectors fighting to save a teenager possessed by an evil spirit. As a theologian and researcher, this piqued my interest. I picked up some books on Japanese mythology and learned all I could about these trickster spirits. The … Read more

Are bats evil in the Bible? (the truth about bats)

Are bats evil in the Bible

As a theologian, I have always been fascinated by unique creatures like bats. Some cultures associate bats with darkness and speculate that bats are evil. While studying the Bible, I realized that it depicts bats negatively in different verses. This made me take a special interest in this topic, and I decided to research whether … Read more