Is orcas evil? (Is orcas considered good or bad?)

Is orcas evil?

As a theologian and researcher, I have encountered several religious and cultural beliefs about the orcas. Tlingit and Haida Native American beliefs on orcas triggered my interest in studying about them. I learned about cultural beliefs about orcas when I lived with Tlingit and Haida Native Americans for six months and read the book “Listening … Read more

Is Necromancy Evil? (What Does the Bible Say About Necromancy?)

Is Necromancy Evil?

As a theologian, I have always taken a keen interest in Christian dogmas and beliefs. I recently was enthralled by the concepts of necromancy and related Christian insights. I researched numerous Christian publications on necromancy, relating my findings with a biblical vantage point. I also visited clerics from different Christian denominations to acquire firsthand information … Read more