Is Pokémon Evil? (Is Pokémon Demonic?)

Is Pokémon Evil?

My kids were excited when Pokémon Go was released in 2016. I was worried. Like other parents, I had lived through the Pokemania of the ’90s and early 2000s; I wasn’t excited for another one. Furthermore, I heard that Pokémon was demonic and wrong for my kids. As a Christian, my first instinct was to … Read more

Is Hades Evil? (The Truth About the King of the Underworld)

Is Hades Evil?

I recently stumbled upon my niece watching the popular Disney movie “Hercules.” While the film, based on Greek mythology, tells the tale of the Greek god Hercules and his battles with a rival god, Hades, king of the underworld, my attention as a theologian was captivated, and my interest was drawn toward the concept of … Read more

Is Zeus Evil? (The Truth About the Greek God)

The Truth About the Greek God

Recently, I watched Clash of the Titans, where Zeus helped the hero defeat the Kraken. This got me thinking about how frequently Zeus is portrayed as a hero in pop culture, even though some myths say otherwise. Out of curiosity, I hopped on the internet, looking for the truth about this Greek god. Additionally, I … Read more

Is Feng Shui Evil? (Should You Practice Feng Shui?)

Is Feng Shui Evil?

A billionaire sold his Sydney home because of “bad Feng Shui” in 2018. This was the first time I heard about Feng Shui, and as a theologian, it sparked my curiosity. I sought out a friend who’s an expert in world religions, and we had lunch. He helped me understand the difference between good and … Read more

Are worry dolls evil? (Are worry dolls demonic?)

Are worry dolls evil?

As a theologian, I have always been interested in learning legends from different cultures. Two years ago, I visited Guatemala and noted that many people were selling small handmade dolls on the streets. I asked around about the dolls and learned they are called worry dolls. However, though some people highly valued the dolls, others … Read more

Are birds evil? (Does the Bible say birds are evil?)

Are birds evil?

I have always been fascinated with birds because they are beautiful creatures. I have been privileged to come across different birds, and every time, I am left in awe by how beautiful they look. I recently came across a book about good and evil birds. I immediately became interested in knowing more about what other … Read more